Bitboy Armstrong Reportedly Files Fresh Lawsuit For Allegedly 'Stolen' Lamborghini

  • Grand News Network
  • November 7, 2023

Benjamin “Bitboy” Armstrong, is back in court with a fresh lawsuit against certain former colleagues and affiliates, claiming the theft of his Lamborghini.

What Happened: According to a Decrypt report, Armstrong’s newest lawsuit, filed on November 1, names six defendants including Hit Network CEO Timothy Shedd Jr., CFO Timothy Shedd Sr., Voomio CEO Justin Williams, among others. The contention revolves around an allegedly stolen Lamborghini and a purported “pattern of racketeering.”

The lawsuit, lodged in the Superior Court in Cobb County, Georgia, suggests that the defendants partook in a civil conspiracy and breached Georgia's Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Enterprises Act (RICO Act). Armstrong asserts that they plotted to commit “conversion” of the Lamborghini, an act of taking another’s property with the intention ...

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