Great Wall Filtration Unveils Innovative Deep Filtration Filter Sheets for Enhanced Enzyme Preparations

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  • August 31, 2023

Great Wall Filtration, a leading filtration solutions provider, today announced the successful development of an innovative depth filter sheet designed for the directional filtration of enzyme preparations with high protein content. This breakthrough technology promises to revolutionize the enzymatic filtration process, dramatically improving efficiency and performance.

Enzymes derived from earthworms have long been considered to be of great value in the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases due to their powerful fibrinolytic activity. Earthworm enzymes have shown remarkable efficacy in antithrombotic and ischemic diseases. However, filtration of these enzymes presents challenges due to their high protein content. Great Wall Filtration’s newly developed depth filter paperboard effectively overcomes this obstacle. By employing advanced filtration technology, the paperboard ensures an efficient and thorough filtration process resulting in high-quality enzyme preparations.

The figure below visually shows the significant difference before and after the earthworm enzyme solution passes through the filtration system.



This breakthrough technology opens up new opportunities for the development of earthworm enzyme nano-targeted drug delivery systems as well as combination therapies, thereby improving the bioavailability and safety of earthworm enzymes. Furthermore, this innovative filtration solution further enhances the efficacy of vermizyme in thrombolytic and antitumor therapy. “We are pleased to introduce our newest depth filter sheets for high protease preparations,” commented a Great Wall Filtration spokesperson. “This development marks an important milestone in enzyme filtration technology, providing researchers and manufacturers with cutting-edge solutions to enhance the efficacy and utility of earthworm enzymes. We look forward to working with pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals to further explore earthworm enzymes.” great potential of this technology.”

Through unremitting research and development efforts, Great Wall Filtration continues to push the boundaries of filtration technology, aiming to create innovative solutions to the pressing challenges faced by the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. With this new depth filter sheet, they have once again demonstrated their commitment to driving advances that will ultimately improve patient outcomes worldwide.

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Great Wall Filtration Unveils Innovative Deep Filtration Filter Sheets for Enhanced Enzyme Preparations

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