Wall Street FX Presale Launches as Investors Rush to Participate in Hottest Utility Coin Presale in Years

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  • August 7, 2023

Wall Street FX, a powerful Forex investing community, is launching the presale of its #WSTFX utility token, attracting investors eager to be part of the next big crypto trend. With a potential 340% paper gain before listing on major exchanges, the token is priced at $0.01000 now but will rise to $0.02000 during the presale’s second stage and eventually reach $0.044 in the last stage. The issuers success in forex trading, real-world business experience, and a massive user base of 16 million MetaTrader MT4 users globally make analysts optimistic about the token’s future, possibly listing on top-tier exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. A generous airdrop and engaged community further add to the token’s appeal, attracting investors to seize the opportunity for potential gains in the cryptocurrency market.

Lachen SZ, Switzerland, 7th Aug 2023, King NewsWireThe most exciting crypto utility coin presale in years is launching as investors rush to participate in the eagerly awaited opportunity to be part of the next big crypto currency thing.

Wall Street FX, one of the internet´s most powerful Forex investing communities, launched a presale of its #WSTFX token attracting potentially 16 Million MetaTrader MT4 users worldwide.

And investors hoping to get in early on what could easily be the next Pepe, Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. Investors should move quickly to secure $WSTFX tokens before the price rises.

$WSTFX is currently available for $0.01000, but this price will rise 100% to $0.02000 when the presale hits $1.000 million and the presale enters its second stage.

Over subsequent presale stages and as the $32.1 million presale hard cap is approached, the price will eventually rise all the way to $0.044 in the last stage.

That means investors who get in now will be sitting on more than 340% paper gains by the time the presale is over, before the price appreciation really gets going when $WSTFX will list across major exchanges later this year.

Investors hunting for the next low-cap gem should bear in mind that, unlike the vast majority of other presales out there, the Wall Street FX team has a track record of real world business success.

Indeed, the team behind the token, is executing several Billion USD in fiat money Foreign Exchange transactions per month using automated trading strategies supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) based quantitative models with team members deciding recently to shift its focus to expand its relevance within the cryptocurrency space, emphasised by its just launched presale of $WSTFX token.

Algorithmic trading, or algo trading, is an automated form of trading that uses computer programs to open and close trades based on predefined algorithms. It allows for objective trading decisions and eliminates emotions from individual buy/sell choices. While computer engineering knowledge and processing power are obstacles for many forex traders, algorithmic trading is a great option if you have the necessary resources. Algo trading strategies are typically based on price trends, trading volume, or a combination of indicators, making them ideal for short-term trading opportunities due to their rapid pace and ability to process large amounts of information.

WallStFX.ai is an AI partner chatbot designed to automate forex trades effortlessly. With WallStFX.ai, you can simply input trading commands in plain English, and it will convert them into an automated trading algorithm using the platform’s built-in engine. It collaborates with various partner broker accounts of WallSt FX and offers features like backtesting and simulation, allowing you to assess the strategy’s performance on a demo account within a live environment.

Not Just Any Utility Coin Community

Wall Street FX´ community isn´t just an ordinary community – targeting the MetaTrader 4 community (also known as “MT4” community) consisting of 16 Million users of the most popular forex platform developed by Metaquotes Software Corp.

And the community has so much reach and sway that it continues to create interest over all seven continents and 195 countries globally.

Binance and Coinbase Listing guaranteed?

Analysts think the respectable size of the Wall Street FX community all but guarantees that the $WSTFX token will be listed on Tier 1 crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.

This could be a huge bullish drive for $WSTFX and help the token reach the team’s goal of a market cap in excess of $10 billion.

Just ask ChatGPT.

“When a utility coin such as $WSTFX is listed on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, it opens up to a wider audience of potential buyers and traders, thereby increasing its exposure. This enhanced accessibility often leads to higher trading volume and improved liquidity, which frequently has a positive effect on the token’s price.,” the viral chatbot recently told analysts at a crypto conference in Hong Kong.

Huge $WSTFX Airdrops Coming

In fitting with its focus on empowering its Crypto/Forex community, 50% of the token supply is for the Wall Street FX community.

50% of the token supply is available in the presale; 10% for CEX liquidity and 10% for DEX liquidity, 10 for marketing, 20% for the team.

The community rewards don´t come short: it can reasonably be expected that airdrops to holders will be a big part of the ecosystem.

Indeed, Wall Street FX is already running a competition where 5 lucky crypto fans will benefit from a generous $50,000 $WSTFX airdrop!

Investors who have already purchased $WSTFX only need to follow the steps detailed on the utility token project’s website www.wallst-fx.com

Join Discord, connect socials, engage on socials, hold and trade $WSTFX to be eligible to receive the drop.

Analysts Bullish on $WSTFX: A Promising Outlook

With utility coins heavily relying on community support and social media presence, $WSTFX stands out with its robust and engaged community. This factor alone has the potential to generate hype and capture the attention of investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market.

The increasing demand for the token could result in a significant price surge, making $WSTFX an attractive investment opportunity. Anticipating this, numerous analysts are already predicting a bright future for $WSTFX upon its listing on major crypto exchanges.

To seize the opportunity for potential future price gains, investors are advised to consider participating in the utility coin’s presale as soon as possible. By doing so, they can secure their $WSTFX tokens at the best available discount.

How to buy?

$WSTFX can be purchased on both the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain using popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, BNB, or USDT (ERC-20 or BEP-20) or simply by credit card. Investors can easily connect their crypto wallets on the www.wallst-fx.com website to complete their purchase using MetaMask wallet or Trust Wallet.

Don’t miss out on the potential growth prospects of $WSTFX. Act swiftly to secure your tokens and position yourself for potential gains in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.

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