Blackbear-eCapital Highlights Salesforce Planned Price Hike In August – Time To Buy Before That

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  • August 3, 2023

Salesforce plans a 9% price increase for some cloud products, its first hike in seven years, but its introduction of generative AI products and positive market response suggest potential growth for investors before the August implementation.

Salesforce, a leading cloud-based customer relationship management software provider, has recently made a significant announcement that is likely to have a notable impact on businesses and consumers alike. The company has revealed its decision to implement a price increase of 9% on average for some of its cloud products, which will take effect starting in August.

This move marks Salesforce’s first price hike in seven years, signifying a strategic shift in response to evolving market dynamics. However, the timing of this decision raises eyebrows as the cloud industry is facing mounting pressure from clients who are increasingly optimizing their IT spending due to prevailing macro challenges.

One notable aspect that might fuel Salesforce’s growth amidst the price increase is the introduction of new generative artificial intelligence products. This includes enhancements in its core cloud offerings like Sales, Service, and Marketing clouds, as well as Tableau. The strategic incorporation of generative AI has raised the importance of data management, giving an advantage to companies capable of efficiently consolidating, curating, and safeguarding data.

Ben Baker, an expert from Blackbear-eCapital, predicts that Salesforce’s positioning in the data leverage landscape, including GenAI, could drive substantial growth in the fiscal year 2025. This projection aligns with the growing demand for data-driven insights and underscores the potential value of investing in Salesforce before the impending price hike in August.

Salesforce’s Price Increase Announcement Triggers Positive Market Response

On July 11, 2023, Salesforce (CRM) sent ripples through the financial markets when it disclosed its decision to implement a price increase of 9% on average for some of its cloud products, effective from August onwards. This strategic move by the cloud-based customer relationship management software provider sparked immediate interest among investors and industry observers, resulting in a notable surge in the company’s stock price.

The day of the announcement saw Salesforce’s stock price rise by an impressive 3.93%, reflecting the market’s initial positive reception to the news. Since then, the stock price has continued to soar, currently showing an overall increase of 7.17%. Over the past year, Salesforce’s stock has demonstrated impressive growth, with a remarkable 24.98% change, solidifying its position as an attractive investment prospect.

The company’s outstanding shares of 974,000,000 and a market capitalization of 222.13 billion further emphasize its significant standing in the market. Additionally, the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 594.10 indicates the market’s optimistic outlook on the company’s future earnings potential.

Salesforce’s current earnings per share (EPS) of 1.69, with a forecast of 1.61, illustrate its financial stability and growth potential. Moreover, the company’s current revenue of 8.25 billion, with a projected forecast of 8.18 billion, reaffirms its consistent revenue generation capabilities.

The price increase announcement, coupled with Salesforce’s strong financial indicators, has garnered considerable attention from investors, making it a noteworthy consideration for those seeking long-term growth prospects.

As the implementation date of the price increase approaches, market participants are closely monitoring the company’s performance, with a keen eye on its ability to capitalize on the upcoming opportunities driven by generative artificial intelligence products and other core cloud offerings. The market’s response to Salesforce’s decision signals a vote of confidence in the company’s future growth trajectory and potential returns for investors.

Salesforce Inc (CRM)

Salesforce, Inc. is a leading provider of customer relationship management technology, renowned for its Customer 360 platform. This comprehensive suite covers sales, service, marketing, commerce, and artificial intelligence, among others, connecting customer data across systems to offer a complete customer view.

Third-party developers can leverage Salesforce’s platform and tools to create additional functionalities and applications. Its sales offering facilitates data storage, lead monitoring, opportunity forecasting, and analytics-driven insights. The service offering ensures seamless customer-agent interactions, resolving routine issues with predictions and recommendations.

Operating on a global scale, Salesforce’s subscription-based model enables businesses worldwide to access its cutting-edge solutions, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in CRM technology and driving customer-centric success for enterprises globally.


In conclusion, Salesforce’s decision to increase prices for some of its cloud products in August has garnered significant attention from investors and industry experts alike. As a leading provider of CRM technology, the company’s Customer 360 platform continues to be a driving force in empowering businesses with comprehensive solutions for sales, service, marketing, and artificial intelligence.

With a track record of innovation and a global reach, Salesforce remains well-positioned to meet evolving market demands and offer value to its customers. As the planned price increase approaches, businesses and investors are closely monitoring the company’s performance, considering the potential growth opportunities driven by generative artificial intelligence products and its core cloud offerings.

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