Uzbek Youtuber and Stock Trader ISMOILOV NURMUKHAMMAD Launches Online Training Academy NURINVEST.UZ

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  • September 5, 2023

The academy will provide trading courses while keeping Islamic ethics at the center of its curriculum.

Uzbek Youtuber and Stock  Trader ISMOILOV  NURMUKHAMMAD Launches Online Training Academy NURINVEST.UZ

Uzbekistan, 22nd Jul 2023 – Uzbek Stock trader ISMOILOV NURMUKHAMMAD, who has more than 121,000 subscribers on YouTube, has announced the launch of his online training academy on Teachable called NURINVEST.UZ.

The training courses have been designed to help people interested in learning stock trading while adhering to the principles of ethical Islamic finance. People interested in trading, investing, programming and running similar online businesses on the site can access the courses by paying a small fee. The courses have been designed keeping Islamic principles in mind. Students are taught halal investment and how to invest in assets and trading activities permitted under Islamic law while avoiding haram (forbidden) elements such as usury, alcohol, gambling, and immoral business. Moreover, the coursework also teaches social responsibility and sustainable practices.

Speaking on the occasion, the Youtuber, ISMOILOV NURMUKHAMMAD said, “The launch of the revamped online training academy comes when the world is witnessing an increasing interest in Islamic Finance principles and ethical investment practices. We want to create stock traders that put ethics above everything else. We are seeing interest from the local Muslim population in Uzbekistan and the wider global financial community. We aim to become a one-stop solution for videos about Halal Investment and Islamic Finance in the country. We kept the course price affordable to get more people to commit to improving their financial literacy.”

The courses are taught by NURMUKHAMMAD, who uses his real-world experience with his firm, NUR-TRADE-CAPITAL LLC. The content is delivered in an easy-to-understand language to make them compatible with students of all levels, including complete novices.

Besides teaching young people, they facilitate them by providing capital for their broker balances. People interested in learning more about ISMOILOV NURMUKHAMMAD’s online training academy can visit their website today:


ISMOILOV NURMUKHAMMAD is a stock trader and educator from Uzbekistan with over five years of experience in the industry. He got his Business Administration education from Japan and Islamic Finance knowledge and experience from his friend in Germany. Besides his Youtube channel and online training academy, he runs NUR-TRADE-CAPITAL LLC, trading in the USA stock markets.

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